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What are Web Hosting Plans?

Heavily focused on customer satisfaction, provides web hosting, as well as VPS packages, semi-dedicated server plans and dedicated server packages. Our shared hosting plans feature unlimited disk storage space, unlimited web traffic, a free-of-charge domain name registration and lots of free extras. Every hosting package features our proprietary Hepsia hosting Control Panel tool, which will amaze you with its ease of use, and our script installer offering a single-click activation of more than fifty PHP scripts. What's more, the shared hosting plans offer optional PоstgreSQL, InnoDB and NodeJS support. The Memcached distributed memory caching system and the Varnish Cache web accelerator are available too.

Multiple Data Center Locations

The web hosting service and the customer service we provide are marvelous. The website hosting packages offer a myriad of bonuses and the prices are surprisingly reasonable. But what makes us recommend them even more earnestly is the circumstance that all shared web hosting customers are able to select between 4 leading-edge data centers located on separate continents – Pulsant in London, England; Steadfast in Chicago, United States; and SiS Group in Sydney, Australia. So, you can pick the data center, which is nearest to your physical location or to your target audience in order to achieve faster web site loading speeds.